Friday, March 31, 2017

Interactive Visualization

When we first meet with potential clients, one of the items we discuss most often is how clients say that they just cannot visualize spaces, or so they thought....not anymore! When clients work with us, we can really help communicate spaces in our firm's designs effectively and successfully before construction begins.

Technology has come such a long way with programs which we use to help our clients understand spaces. It's not just spaces anymore, we are able to show details, shadows, colors, fixtures, and building methods in levels we are not able to before with flat line drawings a few years ago. 

In fact, today, we met with potential clients who are considering a sizeable renovation and expansion to their home, and they had the original "blueprints" of their home from 30 years ago which they obtained from the previous homeowners. I could almost smell the ammonia radiating off the prints from years gone by, and if you've been following my past blog posts, you know that I was starting to get a bit woozy; I still think my lungs are scarred for life from the early days of my career.

Take a look at our Facebook post from today, you'll be able to see and use the interactive program we're using for a current project on the seacoast of NH.