Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yes, Even in the Wintertime in New England

Construction Continues During Winter Months-Brrrr!

Quite often, potential clients will ask if construction continues during the winter months. The answer is yes, and although it might not be possible to work outside every day, on most days construction continues until the project is completed. Today is one of those days where working outside is brutal for most folks in our industry. 

It is snowing heavily today, schools are closed, and half of our staff is home, they needed to travel from the southern part of the state where it has been snowing heavily for awhile. We always ask our employees to exercise their best judgement when deciding whether or not to travel. Jeremy and I live about two minutes from our New London office, so traveling for us is not an issue, although didn't I read somewhere that most accidents happen within a mile of your home? 

Above is an example of construction continuing during the winter months. This great family gathering space is being constructed on Lake Sunapee, about as close to the lake as you can build anymore, there was an existing structure there which needed to be replaced. It is a timber frame and it will have a fireplace which our clients will enjoy on days like today. Please feel to reach out to me if you are considering building a new home anywhere in New England.

A Rendering of the Exterior of this great space-right on the Lake!
Rendering of the interior of this future family gathering space

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Award! 2017 Best of Houzz-Design

Do you use Houzz when researching ideas for your new future home design? 

We are a huge fan of and highly recommend it to our clients to use as a tool when communicating with us during the design process. You can create idea books of things you may like (or even dislike) about particular items in a home, and send them to us to help express your personal tastes. 

Why didn't I invent this?!? I wish was available to us when we first started our firm ten years ago. For the fifth year in a row, we won an award from Houzz for Best of Houzz in Design. That is a huge honor for us, since there are so many architectural firms out there and the competition is pretty intense. We're thankful and grateful for the recognition, thanks!

Here's another way clients communicate with us, sometimes they will bring in a huge stack of magazines, earmarked with pages of photos they would like us to see to help visualize their goals for their home. Either way is fine with us, we feel that any of the ways in which you share those ideas with us, the better! Communication is key in creating a custom home design. Please feel free to contact me about starting the process of designing your new home, I'm happy to answer questions anytime.
An example of a huge pile of magazines, tagged by a client with photos they want us to se