Friday, October 7, 2016

Return of the Pumpkin People 2016

Bonin Architects' Design Team with our Entry for this Year
It is October! Each year, our town is one of many in New Hampshire which holds contests for pumpkin people or scarecrow people creations. Our town displays pumpkin people-businesses and residences participate and they're everywhere. What a joy it is to travel around the different towns to see the creativity out there!

Our design team had a great time designing, creating and assembling our version of the 1933 movie King Kong, which included the Empire State Building, pumpkin people pilots in the airplanes, a pumpkin head King Kong, a pumpkin lady in an evening gown, and Leggo pumpkin people peering out of the windows at King Kong. It is so fun to watch people bring their families to take photos in front of the building.

Last year, we entered and won with E.T.  Please view the rest of the photos of this year's entry on our Facebook page and please remember to "Like" us!
Last Year's Pumpkin People Entry-We won first place!