Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are You Looking For Property?

Here's a shameless plug!  Are you seeking a beautiful property which has been cleared for a building site and could be subdivided? 

If so, I know where you could find 13.7 acres surrounded by undeveloped land with a peekaboo view of Mt. Sunapee. How do I know? Jeremy and I own it and it is now on the market. We really don't have any use for it anymore. If you need someone to help design a home for the property, I know a firm that could help, too! :)

My good friend, Pam Perkins from Sotheby's in New London, NH is the listing agent. She walked the property with us and used her drone to take some pretty awesome photos. Here's a link with more information, thanks for looking! Feel free to share this link.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Last Friday-After Hours with our Design Team

L to R-First Row-Jeremy, Mike, Jude, Mike. 2nd Row-Chris, Ben, Greg, Me

Last Friday, Jeremy and I took our design team out for a tour around Lake Sunapee. It was a fun way to see our projects around the lake from the lake view. We looked at some of our past projects, current projects, and the locations of a few of the projects which are under design and scheduled to begin construction next year. 

The weather was perfect and it was a great way to end a Friday afternoon after a long work week. We enjoy everyone we work with; it was nice to relax together and have a little fun outside of the office environment.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Today Was A Fun Day For One Of Our Clients!

Our client-this looks like fun!

Today was a very exciting day for one of our clients! They recently relocated to NH after years of dreaming about designing and building their new home. Little Lake Sunapee is located in New London, NH & Springfield, NH, their building site on the New London, NH side of the lake...and, this is cool, it is about one mile from our home and two miles from our office. We can walk to this project!

Our client wanted to participate in the site work, so, the excavating contractor, Nate, was nice enough to let him give it a whirl. Our firm designed the home as well as the landscape architecture.

Nate-providing some instructions to our client

Here are a few photo realistic renderings our firm prepared for our client during the design process. The views depicted out the windows will be their actual view. 
Photo Realistic Rendering of the Great Room
Rendering from the bottom of the stairs

This will be the view!

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Ultimate Lakeside House-We're Featured in New Hampshire Home Magazine!

In the July/August 2016 issue of New Hampshire Home Magazine, one of our Bonin Architects & Associates' designs is featured with a corresponding story, in which many of the people involved in this fantastic home design were interviewed!

Our clients were fabulous to work with, and we still keep in touch as friends beyond the design and building process, which is always the best part! When Jeremy and I decided to focus or firm's efforts on primarily residential projects (with a few commercial ones mixed in here and there), it was because of the lasting relationships we create with our clients!

Here's the full story if you wish to read more:

Friday, June 24, 2016

Repeat Clients Are The Best!

We love repeat clients; we've had several over the years, and we really appreciate it when clients return to us and refer us to family and friends who are also building new homes.

Nine years ago, we designed a vacation home in Lincoln, NH on Loon Mountain for clients who live on Cape Cod. Here's a picture of it above. We had such a great time working with them and getting to know their family. Although there is never a "perfect" project, Jeremy and I were proud of our first completed project together as new business owners, (even though we'd been in the industry for many years prior to starting our own business). Back then, it was just Jeremy, Jackie and me and Chris-who was working part time for us while he transitioned from his full time job, to a full time position in our firm.

Now, we are designing an extensive addition/renovation for their primary home in East Sandwich, MA. We drove down there earlier this week for a design meeting, plus it was great to catch up with them after many years.
Here's me on Cape Cod with our clients' dog, Hazel, what a sweetheart

Their home design in the white mountains remains today, one of our sentimental favorites. Are we allowed to choose favorites? It seems as if it would be like choosing a favorite child...Our clients told us that they still love going to their vacation home as often as they are able to travel there, especially in the winter. Here are some finished pictures of our first project,

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Some of Our Projects From the Lakeside View!

One of the 3 lighthouses on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire

The weather was nice last week, so we ventured out to snap a few photos of a couple of our home designs which are now under construction around the lakes region of New Hampshire. Here are a few renderings of these soon to be completed homes, as well as progress photos of the homes which are currently being built for our clients.

We were hired for both the architectural design and landscape architecture for this fabulous lakefront home below:

A rendering of a new 12,000sf lake home in NH

The 12,000 sf lake home almost completed-sod was installed last week

Here is another of our Bonin Architects & Associates' designs, currently under construction on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire:

Rendering of a new lake home on Lake Sunapee, NH
The Lake Sunapee home-almost completed!

A rendering and a progress photo of a third lake home, currently under construction!

A fun family home on a lake in NH-it will be well used by their family and friends!

The fun family home under construction-it is almost completed as well!

Thank you to our wonderful clients, our amazing design team at Bonin Architects, along with our network of professional general contractors, engineers, and subcontractors around the state. We are thankful to work on a daily basis with so many great people, and we look forward to showing you more of our projects! If you are considering a new home design, please contact me anytime, Jeremy, our staff and I would be happy to discuss your project!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting Around Lake Sunapee Just Became a Bit Easier!

It's been a few weeks since I last posted here, and it is only because we're knee deep into our busy season in the Lakes Region of NH, thankfully! This is our favorite time of the season.  Every year, usually around May until October our phones really start ringing, people from all over send email inquiries, and we're in and out of the office at site consultations with potential clients.

Our Chaparral at the dock on Lake Sunapee

Last week, we brought our boat to the dock we rent every year on Lake Sunapee for the summer. Jeremy and I have our boat licenses and we use our boat for both work and play. Lake Sunapee is 25 miles around the entire lake if you travel by car via the roads hugging the lake.  It is much easier and quicker to check the progress or take photos of our current projects, whether they are under construction or completed from the water.

We also like to bring clients and potential clients to tour the lake and point out different styles, colors & options from the water. Once we had a boat full of our clients and we hit a massive rock, which was almost completely hidden under the water, bouncing everyone on the boat around and breaking our propeller, that was embarrassing! "Whoops, so sorry, everyone!" Luckily, nobody got hurt or hurled overboard. Now we know exactly where all the rocks are on the lake, most are marked pretty well, that one wasn't though!

We even use our boat as a prop for photo shoots. Here are a couple of photos of our boat during a recent photo shoot by John W. Hession Photography.  We finished the design of the house and the boathouse, construction had wrapped up, and our client had not yet purchased a boat. So we offered ours!

Boathouse from the inside

Looking at the boathouse from the main house

The finished home and boat house taken from our boat by John Hession Photography

If you are in need of an architectural firm for a new home design, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to give you a tour around the lake to show you some of our projects.